New Remix Of Peter Gabriel's 'Courage' Released

A new remix of Peter Gabriel's song "Courage," originally recorded during the sessions for So, has been released.

The remix features new overdubs by Gabriel and guitarist/collaborator David Rhodes, arranged by Grammy-winning engineer Tchad Blake. The original track had been slated for inclusion on the 1986 album but didn't make the cut in the end.

Gabriel says of the song: "When So drew to a close I didn't feel the song was delivering in the way I had hoped, so I decided not to include it. When we were reviewing all the material from that time, we wanted to take a fresh look at it and get it finished. I always liked the track and very much enjoyed the playing on it, especially the energy of the drums."

A demo of "Courage" also appears on the recently-released So 25th anniversary box set.

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