Artimus Pyle Discusses Split From Lynyrd Skynyrd

Artimus Pyle, former drummer for Lynyrd Skynyrd, recently opened up on his split from the band over 20 years ago. Pyle joined the group in 1975 and left abruptly in 1991, after feuding with Ronnie van Zant's wife Judy.

Pyle was involved in the band's 1977 plane crash which killed Ronnie. Pyle survived, reforming the band in 1987 with Ronnie's brother Johnny in the lead role.

"Judy . . . sued us while we were on the [1991] tribute tour," he said in an interview with Lucas H. Gordon.

"We were on the road making money for Judy and her children - doing what we should do - but Judy sued us the whole time, wanting control of the name, which she didn't deserve. So she got a bunch of sinister, crooked lawyers . . . and she got the name."

"Now there's one member," Pyle concluded. "And 10 people they hired yesterday, and they charge $100,000 and call it Lynyrd Skynyrd, It's fraud . . . but Judy doesn't care if a bunch of monkeys go out onstage."

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