Gene Simmons Says 'I Can't Sing'

Gene Simmons made a startling admission during a recent edition of CNN's iReport as he fielded some questions from fans.

Usually the braggart, Simmons took the opportunity to point out his own shortcomings.

"I can't sing," he admitted. "I've got a long tongue, and that's about it."

Simmons also talked about his well-known aversion to alcohol, his past as a young fanzine publisher and his motivation for devoting hours to writing, drawing, and assembling his 'zines.

When asked about the band's backstage routine, Simmons claimed that none of the band members ever used makeup specialists to achieve their onstage looks, saying that the process takes "about two hours" before each show.

"We physically and literally have put on the makeup every single time," he said.

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