Black Star Riders Debating Release Of Second Album

Black Star Riders guitarist Scott Gorham has admitted that he isn't sure whether the band will record a sophomore album.

"If we'll be doing another one it will be next September," Gorham told the Rocktologist. "There were 12 songs on All Hell Breaks Loose but we had 18 written. Those that were left out could easily be included the next time round. And the band is constantly writing new material, so it's not like we're sitting around doing nothing. It's all pretty exciting stuff. We'll need to review the situation when we get to the next album."

Gorham added that he's interested to see how far away from the Thin Lizzy sound the band will get.

"These sounds come out the way they come out," he said. "There's no sort of premeditation on how we record or anything like that."

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