AC/DC Fans Want 'Highway To Hell' To Be Britain's Christmas Number One

AC/DC fans are angling to get the band's "Highway to Hell" to the top spot on Britain's annual Christmas Day chart. In recent years the spot has belonged to more pop friendly artists like Leona Lewis, Leon Jackson and Alexandra Burke.

However, in 2009, fans of Rage Against the Machine got the band's hit "Killing in the Name Of" to top the chart.

Now, AC/DC followers are taking a cue from RATM fans by starting a Facebook page dedicated to their cause. So far, 106,000 people have given their approval to the concept by "liking" the page.

"In November 2013 AC/DC are 40!. They've NEVER had a UK Top 10 single, so let's get 'Highway To Hell' to Christmas No.1," pleads the group on the page.

As Vintage Vinyl News reports, AC/DC face some stiff competition in the form of a newly recorded duet between Susan Boyle and the ghost of Elvis Presley.

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