Elton John Featured On Gary Barlow Song 'Face To Face'

Elton John and Gary Barlow have recorded a duet, "Face to Face," that will be featured as the second single from the latter's recently released album, Since I Saw You Last.

Speaking with MTV, Barlow explained that he and Elton have been friends for a long time:

"I've been friends with Elton for quite a few years, probably 20 years actually, we've done stuff on stage together before but never on a record. I've been looking for an excuse to do this song for years and years and I came up with 'Face To Face' at the end of last year."

"I sent it to him and within like an hour, he called me back and said, 'let's do it, let's go!'."

Since I Saw You Last hit November 25.

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