Brian May Saving Badgers In U.K.

Queen guitarist Brian May has scored a victory in stopping the culling of badgers in his native U.K. May, who heads the environmental group, Save Me, joined forces with other groups like the Badger Trust to stop the government's policy of exterminating badgers in the countryside.

The U.K. government was granting licenses to hunters to thin the badger population in hopes that it would stop the spread of bovine TB, which has wrecked havoc on the U.K. cattle industry. The government announced last week that they were calling off the pilot program in Gloucester due to ineffectiveness.

May had been arguing that it was a flawed strategy and it is about time the U.K. government recognized it as such. He explained on the Save Me website:

"Now that the failure of this whole shameful badger cull shambles can be seen so clearly seen, in spite of many moves of the goalposts, it must be time to abandon the concept, and get on with the only strategy which can ultimately succeed in eradication of bovine TB - vaccination of badgers and other wildlife, and prioritization of work to license the vaccine for cattle."

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