The Faces Win Entry Into Ultimate Classic Rock Hall Of Fame

The Faces have have been inducted into the Ultimate Classic Rock Hall of Fame. Each year, the rock site nominates a selection of classic rock icons for inclusion in its hall of fame, and readers from across the world vote for their favorites online.

According to UCR, the victory by the Faces was unexpected given the stiff competition. "We're as shocked as you are . . . but, for the second consecutive month, Rod Stewart has knocked off Led Zeppelin in the finals of the Ultimate Classic Rock Hall of Fame, as the Faces [won] with 57 percent of the vote. With the win, Stewart joins George Harrison as the only two-time inductee."

During his entry vote, Rod faced off against Led Zeppelin, with the former gaining nearly 55 percent of UCR readers' votes. Earlier in the voting, Stewart defeated Bob Seger and Santana.

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