Paul McCartney Sponsors Sumo Wrestling Tournament

Paul McCartney recently sponsored the Kyushu Grand Sumo Tournament in Fukuoka, Japan, also making a personal appearance at the event. According to NME, the arena was filled with flags and billboards advertising his latest album, New.

Macca showed up at the event with his wife Nancy, telling NME: "I like sumo, I got hooked on it many years ago."

His rep added some background to the unlikely pairing: "Bizarrely, Macca really got into Sumo Wrestling when he first toured Japan in 1993. He took his crew to one of the matches when they were over there recently and was explaining to everyone the rules and the scoring and how it all worked."

"Between rounds traditionally dressed Japanese people were carrying New album cover artwork on bamboo billboards around the stadium."

According to the Japan Times, the crowed chanted "Paul, Paul" when he was spotted after the show.

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