Stevie Nicks Couldn't Turn Down American Horror Story

Stevie Nicks has never been known for her acting, but she just couldn't say no to a role on American Horror Story: Coven.

The Fleetwood Mac legend said that the last time she acted was in a fourth-grade play - but the idea of appearing in a project by writing team Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk was too appealing to turn down.

"I was very attracted to Glee, and to Ryan and Brad's writing of misfits," she said. "They write about people who don't fit in. I was always the new girl. I was lucky, because I managed to be such the chameleon that I did fit in."

She added: "It was really fun. I now belong to a very secret society. And you'll be surprised - not with my terrific acting, but with the whole thing."

Nicks' episode was shot on location in New Orleans.

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