Ozzy Osbourne Tells Brother-In-Law To Leave Family Alone

Black Sabbath fronter Ozzy Osbourne has posted a Facebook rant against his brother-in-law David Ardin, the brother of his wife Sharon, who he's accused of telling lies about his family.

Arden spoke with the Daily Mail, dishing on Sharon's plastic surgery, which he called a "terrible gamble":

"Sometimes I look at pictures of Sharon now and she looks nothing like the sister I knew," he opined.

Ozzy has hit back, claiming that Ardin is trying to get by on his family's fame:

"David [Ardin] brother-in-law in name only, leave my family alone. Stop selling false stories on my family. Get a job and be a man . . . When we took him off payroll all he's done is tried to make money selling false stories. Stop saying you love me, you don't know what the word is. I wish you no harm but you don't know my family. Leave us alone."

So far, there's been no response from Ardin to the Oz.

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