Bruce Springsteen Handwritten Manuscript Auctioned Off For $197,000

Lyrics to "Born to Run," handwritten by Bruce Springsteen pulled in $197,000 at a Sotheby's auction, topping the estimated auction price ($70,000-$100,000) by a lot.

The lyrics, much different from the final version of the song, were taken from a spiral bound notebook that belonged to the Boss. However, the manuscript does include "a nearly perfected chorus," according to the house.

According to Sotheby's, the version was composed in Long Branch, New Jersey in 1975, and once owned by Bruce's manager Mike Appel:

"[Appel] sold it to a collector, who sold it to the current consignor," Sotheby's told the New York Times. "Bruce Springsteen manuscripts don't come up often . . . There are verses here that will be unfamiliar even to hardcore fans."

The document was sold to an unidentified buyer.

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