Mick Jagger To Sing With Brother On New Album

Mick Jagger says he will appear on Concertina Jack, the upcoming studio album from his brother, Chris Jagger.

"My brother Chris Jagger has a new album called Concertina Jack, & I'm singing on the title track," wrote Mick on his Twitter page.

According to Chris, the album, his ninth solo effort since 1973, marks an anniversary for him.

"I'm not a big one for anniversaries, but in the brew ha ha revolving around The Rolling Stones and 50 years I realised it's 40 years since my first record came out," he said.

Mick is featured on a second cut on the album called "Diamonds and Pearls."

The LP is named after a great uncle who left his family home in the U.K. to sail to Sydney, Australia around 1880.

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