Box Set Of Rainbow's First Decade Of Singles Being Released

Rainbow prepping the release of a massive 19 disc box set that includes the band's releases from 1975-1986. The set, which includes a 32-page book, is due February 3.

"As one of the cornerstones of British Rock, Rainbow, led by the never-predictable but ever-astonishing guitarist Ritchie Blackmore, became synonymous with some of the most well regarded and popular charting Rock songs of the seventies and eightie," said a rep for the set's distributor.

"Passing through the band were some of the best the genre had to offer - vocalists Ronnie James Dio and Graham Bonnet, bass player and producer Roger Glover and drummer Cozy Powell. Each brought their individual talents to record some of rock's best-loved timeless singles."

Rainbow: The Singles Box Set 1975-1986 includes sleeve notes written by Andy Francis.

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