Black Sabbath Bandmates Unaware Of Ozzy's Drug And Alcohol Relapse

In the wake of Ozzy Osbourne's admittance that he had begun using drugs and alcohol again, his Black Sabbath band mates say that they were unaware of his relapse.

Speaking with Classic Rock magazine, guitarist Tony Iommi said the news came as a surprise:

"You know what, I couldn't believe it. He was working at my house and I didn't pick up on it at all. None of us did. He really hid that well. It was a shock, actually, when Sharon told me."

Geezer Butler added: "He was really good at keeping it secret. I thought he was talking a lot - he used to drive us nuts because he wouldn't stop talking - but we put that down to the excitement of doing the album."

Ozzy shared news of his relapse in a Facebook post earlier this year.

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