Scott Gorham Wants Fans To Remember Thin Lizzy

Thin Lizzy guitarist Scott Gorham says that he avoids recognition from his time in the band and prefers directing fans to the memory of Phil Lynott. Speaking with The Independent, the current Black Star Riders guitarist said:

"If someone asks me: 'What's your name?' and they don't recognize Scott Gorham, well, that's fine. If they say: 'What band were you in?' and don't recognize Thin Lizzy, now that I have an issue with. It's one of the reasons I put Lizzy back together: I was determined to raise awareness of what we achieved. For Phil to be forgotten would not be good."

He adds that it was hard to believe when Lynott passed away: "When I heard Phil Lynott had died I could not believe it. I mean, this was Phil Lynott. He could take more drugs, screw more chicks, stay up more days in a row than anyone else. He was the guy."

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