Ace Frehley's House Catches On Fire

Ace Frehley's home in Westchester County, New York caught fire and was heavily damaged. According to, "flames burned through the roof" of the stone home.

"We got to the scene and found heavy smoke showing from the roof line of the building," Yorktown Heights Fire Chief Chet Swirski added.

The former KISS guitarist was not in the house at the time but a caretaker was. The caretaker will have to move elsewhere now, as the home is too damaged to be lived in.

"We are making arrangements to make sure he has emergency lodging," Carolyn Sherwin, a spokeswoman for the Red Cross, told

Frehley added an update of his own via Facebook: "The official statement from the fire inspector was as follows: An electrical fire was caused by a tree falling on the wires in the backyard and shorting out the fuse box which in turn heated up the internal wiring in the walls and started the fire."

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