Iggy Pop Shares Unusual Christmas Video

Iggy Pop has released a 21-second video entitled "Merry Christmas Message from Iggy." The vid captures an exterior of Iggy's house before going inside to catch him relaxing in a hot tub.

The viewer then sees Iggy sitting on his couch with puppies and a parrot. Toward the end of the brief video, Pop sings "Merry Christmas" while lounging by his pool.

According to Prefix magazine, the clip is abbreviated but appropriately weird given its maker:

"It feels like there should be something else, but that's really it. It's really just a Merry Christmas video from Iggy Pop that is earnest. Weird, but earnest."

Fans can catch Pop spinning records on the upcoming New Year's Day special from BBC 6. Iggy Pop's Radio Show will feature the punk legend playing tunes from 1-3 PM.

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