Tommy Lee Plays Devil In New Fall Out Boy Video

Tommy Lee plays the role of the devil in Fall Out Boy's new video for "Death Valley."

The Motley Crue drummer stars in the clip, which is part of the band's video series called "The Young Blood Chronicles." Fall Out Boy have filmed a vid for each song on their latest offering, Save Rock And Roll.

"We know how the story ends and we have rough idea of what happens in between," bassist Pete Wentz explained. "Some of it will probably be made up, [we'll add] some wild animals and stuff getting lit on fire - you know, a basic guide to curing teenage suburban boredom."

Wentz also spoke on the inspiration FOB drew from Electroma, a short film released by Daft Punk. He says they responded to "the idea of the deceit within each of us that we have to uncover in the search for who we truly are."

All the videos included in Fall Out Boy's "The Young Blood Chronicles" can be viewed on YouTube.

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