Stevie Wonder And Rod Stewart Collaborating With Bobby Womack

Stevie Wonder, Rod Stewart and Snoop Dog will collaborate with Bobby Womack on his follow-up to 2012's The Bravest Man in the Universe. Womack has struggled with cancer and Alzheimer's but continues to record and tour.

"I have Stevie Wonder on it, I have Rod Stewart . . . Snoop Dogg is on it, this lady from Motown - now what was her name?" Womack said of the new LP.

"I have a lot of songs where you hear Stevie Wonder singing the song and you hear me on the same song, so you really get the style, because I think that's important. You don't get that style anymore. Like Sam Cooke and Ray Charles."

Womack added that he has spent time in the studio with Rick Ross, and will appear with the rapper on his next album, Mastermind.

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