Robby Krieger Says He'd Like To Have 'The End' Played At His Funeral

Robby Krieger has revealed that he'd like the Doors' classic, "The End," played at his funeral. During a recent interview with Classic Rock, the former Doors guitarist fielded questions on a number of topics, including his choice for a funeral song.

When asked what he'd most like to have played, he replied: "Gee, I've never thought about that. Er, probably 'The End'."

He also opened up about a few of his interests outside of music:

"Right now I'm thinking of learning how to blow glass. I'm also pretty handy around the house with tools, fixing things up. And I have some old cars, one of which is a Chevy Nomad that I've had for about 20 or 30 years. I don't listen to a lot of music. I'm kind of dismayed with the music scene. It's so bad now. It's not the bands' fault, or anything like that, it's more the whole entertainment industry."

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