Black Sabbath Reveals New Converse Sneaker Line

Black Sabbath fans will soon have the chance to add one more piece of limited edition merchandise to their collections - signature Chuck Taylor model Converse sneakers. The metal legends announced news of their collaboration with the sneaker company on January 6.

The new Sabbath signature Chucks will be available in four styles, with three modeled after a different classic Sabbath record.

The three albums cited by the shoes include Black Sabbath, Paranoid and Never Say Die. Each of the models will be available in classic black canvas with elements of the album's design printed on them.

The fourth shoe was designed for the Converse Pro Skater collection and has Sabbath-inspired artwork embroidered on the tongue. Each of the three album model shoes retail for $60, with the Pro Skate models ranging between $65 and $70.

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