Stevie Nicks Appears On American Horror Story

Stevie Nicks took to the small screen on a recent episode of American Horror Story: Coven.

Nicks even performed Fleetwood Mac's 1975 hit "Rhiannon" in addition to providing a few shawl-twirling tips.

According to Nicks, Lily Rabe, who portrays the character Misty Day, showed that she might be her biggest fan.

"She did faint about 700 times when we were doing that one scene!" Nicks told Entertainment Weekly. "I was afraid she was going to have to go the hospital. She's really a lovely girl, and she does love my music. Every time I'd play a specific song, she would start to cry. I would say to her, 'You know, you don't really have to cry.' And she said, 'No, no - that's not acting.' So I said, 'Well, then that's OK, you go right on ahead and cry.'"

Coven, the third installment of the American Horror Story franchise, takes place in present-day New Orleans and frequently flashes back to the 1830s.

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