Faces Kenney Jones To Reunite With Rod Stewart

Kenney Jones, drummer for the Faces, says that he's been hammering out the terms of a reunion with Rod Stewart. The report comes a week after keyboardist Ian McLagan's claim that the band was not interested in wooing Stewart.

"Woody's management and myself, we were talking to Rod's management," said Jones.

"It would be lovely to do, we've been talking about it (for) long enough. You've got to start talking about it about a year ahead of (when) you're going to do something. The Faces never finished on a good note, so it would be nice to finish on a good note, and that would be that."

Jones also addressed McLagan's comments, saying that the latter didn't know that the talks were happening:

"Mac didn't realise we were talking because it was in its early stages, but he understands full now."

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