Rolling Stones To Release 1965 Live Album

The Rolling Stones will release Live 1965: Music From Charlie Is My Darling, a soundtrack to their documentary Charlie Is My Darling.

Charlie Is My Darling was directed by Peter Whitehead and shot on a short weekend tour of France in 1965. The soundtrack was recorded during the same tour.

Live 1965: Music From Charlie Is My Darling will be available as a digital-only release on January 21.

Track list: 1. Show intro 2. "Everybody Needs Somebody To Love" 3. "Pain In My Heart" 4. "Down The Road Apiece" 5. "Time Is On My Side" 6. "I'm Alright" 7. "Off The Hook" 8. Intro to "Little Red Rooster" 9. "Little Red Rooster" 10. "Route 66" 11. "I'm Moving On'" 12. "The Last Time" 13. "Everybody Needs Somebody To Love"

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