Bob Dylan's 30th Anniversary Concert To Be Reissued

A super deluxe version of Bob Dylan's 30th anniversary concert at NYC's Madison Square Garden from October 16, 1992 is set for release on March 4. The show featured an extensive set list with a host of special guests including Stevie Wonder, Lou Reed, Willie Nelson, Neil Young, George Harrison, and more.

"That gig was one of the highlights of my career," says guitarist G.E. Smith, musical director of the show, told Rolling Stone magazine.

"There aren't a lot of people that can attract a lineup like that, and everyone was on their best behavior. Lou Reed and Neil Young can be prickly, but not in the three days we were prepping that show. I also got to talk to Johnny Cash. What's cooler than that?"

The concert was originally broadcast on pay-per-view with portions of it then released on VHS and CD. The super deluxe version will be available on CD and DVD/Blu-ray.

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