Roger Daltrey Joins Wilko Johnson For 'Going Back Home'

Roger Daltrey will join blues guitarist Wilko Johnson on the latter's upcoming album Going Back Home. Speaking with Classic Rock magazine, the former Dr. Feelgood guitarist said that Roger was excited for the collab.

"Roger jumped up and said 'Let's do it.' He knew this lovely little studio called Yellow Fish," Johnson said. "Unfortunate name for a place, but a great studio."

Johnson, who is battling cancer, added that he wanted to get one last album out before he goes.

"I was meant to die in October, and now I've recorded this with Roger," he said. "I can't keep gushing, but I saw The Who in 1969 when I was at university. He's a star to me."

Johnson played with Dr. Feelgood from 1971-1977, later joining Dury & the Blockheads before eventually starting the Wilko Johnson Band.

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