Ringo Starr Recalls Beatles Ed Sullivan Performance

Ringo Starr has opened up about his memories of the Beatles' famed performance on The Ed Sullivan Show 50 years ago. Speaking with interviewers at a charity event in Los Angeles, the drummer noted that, while they were excited about the appearance, they had no idea how many fans were tuning in.

"It was Ed Sullivan, and it was a big show, and we didn't know while we were playing that 70 million people were watching," he said.

"[I]t was being in America that was so exciting. All the music we loved was in America. It came from America to England. Where we come from, Liverpool, it was great because it was a port, so all of the guys from New York would bring the tracks over - vinyl in those days, the LPs, and it was just great."

The Night That Changed America: a Grammy Salute to the Beatles, a 50th anny celebration of the band's appearance, airs February 9 on CBS.

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