Sting Not Replacing Garfunkel On Paul Simon Tour

Of his upcoming tour with Paul Simon, Sting says fans should not expect him to fill in for Art Garfunkel, Simon's former partner. Simon and Sting will sing together, and will definitely perform some of Simon & Garfunkel's biggest hits, but Sting says he will not try to make the songs his own.

"Paul had a long partnership with Art Garfunkel for many, many years, and it's not my job to impersonate Art," Sting told ABC.

"He has one of the most iconic, beautiful voices in the history of rock 'n' roll. But my job is to interpret and honor the notes and the lyrics that have been written, and I will be me."

Simon and Sting will launch their co-headlining tour February 8 in Houston.

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