Black Sabbath Up For Making Another Album

Black Sabbath says that they are interested in recording new music after the success of 13, their first album in over 15 years. Speaking with Rolling Stone, frontman Ozzy Osbourne said that "I'm down for it" when asked about the possibility of a new LP.

Guitarist Tony Iommi seconded Oz's sentiments, saying that he is "absolutely" up for another album.

For now, though, Osbourne said: "We're going back on the road. We haven't really spoken about it beyond that."

Of the group's last release, which featured the Grammy winning single "God is Dead?," Iommi noted that "We were all into it. This time everything fell into place and it felt great."

Many wondered if the band might be nearing the end of the road because of Iommi's health. The 65-year-old guitarist was diagnosed with lymphoma in 2012, but insists that he's doing fine now: "Feeling OK, yeah. I just get tired. Apart from that, I'm all right."

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