Jimi Hendrix Estate Wins Court Battle Over Unlicensed Merchandise

A court ruling has ruled in favor of the Jimi Hendrix estate in a suit against vendor HendrixLicensing.com, a website that sold T-shirts, posters, lights, dart boards, key chains and other Hendrix-related items.

The Hollywood Reporter called the decision "a victory for famous dead people," adding that it "could be slightly disconcerting for entertainment studios, news outlets and others who have dealt with the confusing nature of publicity rights laws across the nation."

"Washington's approach to postmortem personality rights raises difficult questions regarding whether another state must recognize the broad personality rights that Washington provides," wrote 9th Circuit Judge David Ebel in an opinion.

HendrixLicensing.com is run by Andrew Pitsicalis, a business partner of Jimi's younger brother Leon. The estate is controlled by Janie, the Hendrix brothers' adopted sister.

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