KISS Unveils Line Of Uglydolls

KISS have once again expanded their ever growing empire of merchandise, this time with their very own line of Uglydolls. The plush toy maker has licensed the band's images to release a signature Uglydoll for each band member.

"The entire Uglyverse has been rockin to KISS for ages, like, since the '70s," reads one product description.

"They want to have a KISS party with you! Smoke machines, funky lights, amazing magical guitar solos and a HUGE buffet backstage. Man, did you know rock stars get all kinds of food and treats backstage? Deli sandwiches, bagels, the whole run."

The dolls retail for $20 apiece and will make their debut at the New York Toy Fair in February. They are available for pre-order online now and will go to retail in March.

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