Bob Dylan's Appearances In Chrysler And Chobani Ads Sparks Sellout Debate

Some critics are calling Bob Dylan a sellout after his appearances in Super Bowl advertisements for Chrysler and Chobani Yogurt. The 72-year-old folk legend began trending on Twitter after the commercials ran.

This is nothing new for Dylan who has been called a sellout since 1965 after he switched to an electric from an acoustic guitar at the Newport Folk Festival.

Dylan's ex-girlfriend Joan Baez and singing partner during the 1960s mentioned in Martin Scorcese's 2005 documentary, No Direction Home, that he was less political than his songs implied:

"Thirty-some years, whenever I go to a march or a sit-in, or a lie-in or a be-in or a jail-in people'd say 'Is Bob coming?' I'd say, 'He never comes, you moron.' You know, 'When are you going to get it? Never did, probably never will.' And so I think . . . I think he couldn't have written songs like the ones he wrote if he didn't feel generally, I think, sort of, for the underdog. But I think that he didn't want to be the guy people were going to go to."

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