Aerosmith Wins DVD Of The Year At Ultimate Classic Rock Awards

Aerosmith has won the DVD Of The Year award at the Ultimate Classic Rock Awards.

Their 2013 documentary, Rock For The Rising Sun, beat out Rush's Clockwork Angels Tour DVD and The Beatles' Help! DVD by taking 43% of the vote. Other contenders in the category included Black Sabbath's Gathered in Their Masses, The Eagles' History of the Eagles, The Rolling Stones' Sweet Summer Sun, Jimi Hendrix's Hear My Train A-Comin', Judas Priest's Epitaph, and Ted Nugent's Ultralive Ballisticrock, as well as the compilation Concert for Ronnie Montrose.

Rock For The Rising Sun includes footage of the band performing 16 of their classic songs as they toured Japan in 2011. The DVD also heavily profiles the country's rebuilding effort following the 2011 earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear power plant meltdown.

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