Todd Rundgren Speaks On His Charitable Foundation

Todd Rundgren has opened up about the launch of his new Spirit of Harmony foundation. The effort provides funding to music education programs and was established after Rundgren and some dedicated fans made a charitable gift to the Youth Orchestra of the Lower Ninth Ward in New Orleans.

"Well, everybody loves music, but I think many people don't realize that musicians, aside from making a living and doing what they do, provide a service to the rest of humanity in some sense," Todd told Ultimate Classic Rock.

"People get comfort from music. They get joy from it and understanding from it and most of all the average person can't do without it in some sense."

He added: "So when I was down in New Orleans and I saw these little kids just starting out, just barely scratching the surface of playing an instrument, it reminded me of myself a long time ago. Making a commitment to music completely defined my life and so this idea that I might be able to help others make the same commitment if it's right for them, was just very appealing."

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