Steven Tyler Speaks Out On Proposed Copyright Law Change

Steven Tyler has spoken out against a proposed change in law that would require artists to allow sampling of their music without licenses. Tyler was amongst several top artists including Britney Spears who submitted statements to the Department of Commerce on Monday opposing the measure.

"Artists can, and should continue to be able to, deny a use that they do not agree with. For one, an artist should be able to turn down uses in connection with messages that the artist finds objectionable," Tyler said in a joint statement with Hollywood music lawyer Dina LaPolt.

The statement went on to explain the conflicts of interest that could arise with such a law:

"A compulsory license would allow someone to remix or sample music by Ted Nugent, noted gun ownership advocate, for a song promoting stricter gun control without Nugent's permission," Tyler and the group adds.

"It is not hard to see that a compulsory license for derivative works could easily be abused in a way that negatively impacts creators."

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