Sammy Hagar Urges FDA To Approve Experimental Cancer Treatment

Sammy Hagar is urging the FDA to allow an experimental cancer treatment for drummer David Lauser's wife.

Lauser's wife Liza suffers from an inoperable tumor within her brainstem, and although her diagnosis is terminal, there's a small window of hope: an experimental treatment, called antineoplaston therapy, currently blocked by the FDA.

Hagar has written a letter to the FDA in support of Lauser, who has performed in Hagar's solo band for years. Chickenfoot bandmates Michael Anthony and Joe Satriani, as well as Night Ranger's Jack Blades have also come out in support. They are joined by Dr. Ron Chapman, the director of the California Department of Public Health and the state health officer.

"There is no decision more personal than a decision about one's personal health, particularly when it involves matters of life and death," reads one passage from the letter. "When government becomes a barrier to hope itself, it has exceeded its mandate."

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