Axl Rose Comments On Copenhagen Zoo Scandal

Axl Rose has shared his opinion on the recent controversy in which the Copenhagen Zoo slaughtered a healthy two-year-old giraffe and fed it to their lions. The outspoken rocker sparked controversy of his own after he poked fun at the zoo's decision via Twitter.

"Just enjoying the lion's share of some tasty baby Giraffica sliders! Mmmmm! What'll them crazy Danes think of next!"

The quip raised eyebrows among animal rights activists, prompting Rose to later explain his comment:

"But, seriously, let me get this straight . . . the Danes killed a two-year-old baby giraffe, chopped him up and fed him to the lions - allegedly in front of kids - to avoid inbreeding, rather than find a place for it. Maybe this is a big problem over there, I don't know, but I'm not getting how this deters siblings and various other Danish family members from f-ing each other."

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