Axl Rose Posts Open Letter Regarding Danish Giraffe Controversy

Axl Rose has posted a lengthy letter in response to the killing of the 18 month old baby male giraffe named Marius by the Copenhagen Zoo in Denmark.

After posting a series of rather sarcastic tweets on the matter, Rose took to the Guns N Roses Facebook page to respond at length.

"Marius could have been spared and was a waste of a healthy young animal's life," Rose wrote. "The manner in which he was if not euthanized then disposed of seemed particularly barbaric, unnecessary and a vulgar or grotesque display of inconsideration and complete disregard for public sentiments adding a level of morbid spectacle and horrendousness difficult for most to comprehend by doing so not just in front of but for what seems some misguided or twisted sense of educational purposes for children."

"For most normal everyday people that love, care about and enjoy animals this event has been a tragedy. An unexpected, unimaginable and what for many is most devastating a seemingly avoidable horror show that somehow seems lost on the professionals involved and those speaking for the zoo a facility that's in my opinion thought to exist for the animals, the public, educational purposes and science in as best a sense of harmony as possible."

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