Clash Documentary Due Next Month

A new Clash documentary entitled The Rise and Fall of the Clash will see a release on DVD on March 10.

A trailer can be found online for the new 90-minute doc, which promises a new look at the history of the band.

The producers say: "How did it happen that at the top of their fame and success The Clash were able to self-destruct? The documentary impresses with inside information and shows the rise and the fall - from huge success down to dismantling themselves. The DVD contains a host of previously unreleased material and interviews."

The Rise and Fall of the Clash features interviews with guitarist Mick Jones, bassist Paul Simonon's ex-wife Pearl Harbor and former bodyguard Ray Jordan.

As the story goes, the Clash fell apart in 1986 after drummer Topper Headon left in 1982 and Jones was fired the following year.

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