Acne Bacteria Strain Named After Frank Zappa

A new strain of acne causing bacteria has been named after the late Frank Zappa.

Scientists at Italy's Centre for Sustainable Agro-Ecosystems and Bioresources have named the Propionibacterium acnes type P. Zappae after Zappa, who passed away in 1993. The researchers found a form of the bacteria in grapevines and elected to call it 'Zappae' in tribute to the star, reports USA Today. Their report states that it came about from the unique transfer of human bacteria onto a plant.

"For me this is just an extension of Frank's means of gluing things together, making sense of the universe. It's strictly conceptual continuity," Zappa widow Gail said of the discovery.

One of the people involved in the discovery explained where the idea came from, telling CNN, "Frank Zappa was a very eccentric musician and somehow very unexpected in his behavior," said Andrea Campisano, lead author of the research. "We really did not expect this (discovery) and we thought of him."

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