John Mellencamp Says He's The 'Luckiest Guy You Will Ever Talk To'

John Mellencamp says he is the 'luckiest guy you will ever talk to,' making the revelation in a recent interview in the March 2014 issue of Men's Journal.

Mellencamp added that he is entering the twilight years of his life gracefully, and that all should follow suit.

"I'm taking old age like a man. If I get a little belly on me.godd*mn it, that's what happens when you get to be a certain age, that's the way a man's supposed to look. You're a certain f-ing age. Act it."

He said that he learned how to take age like a man from Robert Plant.

"I went to see him live a few years ago, and I didn't really know what to expect because of all his posing with his shirt unbuttoned during the Led Zeppelin days," he explained. "But today he just walks up, stands there, and sings his ass off. That's the way you're supposed to do it, man. Robert Plant taught me a f-ing s-pile."

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