U2 Says 'Ordinary Love' Sidetracked Their New Album

U2's the Edge has opened up about the band's most recent single "Ordinary Love," saying that recording the track pushed back the schedule for their new album. The song is featured as part of the film Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom.

Edge says they stopped work on their album to record the track at the request of Hollywood giant Harvey Weinstein:

"When we got the call from Harvey to say, 'It's happening, are you in?,' it was like, 'Oh man, really? Now?' But we just had to do it, with the history that we have with the man and the cause."

"It was hard to stop what we were doing," added drummer Larry Mullen Jr. "We were on a roll - it was clear where we were going. And a decision was made to abandon ship, more or less, to focus on this."

U2 will perform "Ordinary Love" at the Academy Awards on March 2.

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