Foreigner, Styx And Don Felder Talk Summer Tour

The members of Foreigner and Styx as well as Eagles rocker Don Felder have opened up about their forthcoming summer tour. Speaking with Ultimate Classic Rock, all three say they're thrilled for the Soundtrack of the Summer tour.

"I think it makes sense for the three bands that have this many hits that really were the soundtrack of a lot of people's summers," said Foreigner's Kelly Hansen. "It kind of just wrote itself - it kind of made sense. Put it all together and it's pretty powerful stuff."

Felder will be performing his revamped version of the Eagles classic "Hotel California" on the tour and says of the new version:

"I didn't want to do just a remake of the same version of 'Hotel California,' I thought that had been done twice. It had to be new and fresh," he said. "The choruses where the harmonies come in is just stellar, I have to say," he added. "I haven't heard that song sung quite that well in a long time."

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