KISS Considering Writing Music For Their Arena Football League Team

Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley say they may pen theme music for their newly launched Arena Football League team, the Los Angeles KISS. Speaking at a launch event at the Honda Center in Anaheim, Stanley said it would only be fitting that they contributed a fight song.

"We are planning to come up with something that will be the battle cry; something that will represent not only the team, but will represent the fans," he began.

"We want the fans to have a song, or a melody or a battle cry that they can participate in. Because everybody in those seats is on the team. We can't win without those people. The team is much bigger than just those that are on the field. There's gonna be 15,000 members in there that are members of this team."

Simmons added that they team will be "by the fans, for the fans and of the fans, just like the music is in Kiss. This will be the ultimate fan experience. Our players will stay long after the games to sign autographs, our season tickets start at just $99, and all of our home games will be played in Saturdays."

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