KISS Sued By Eric Carr's Family

KISS has been sued by the heirs of late drummer Eric Carr, who claim the band owe them 23 years of royalty payments. Carr's family has reported that the legal action was launched without their knowledge or support, and KISS frontman Paul Stanley has branded it a "scam."

The lawsuit alleges that the band failed to pay money due for four tracks he wrote during his 11-year stint, which ended with his death from cancer in 1991.

Attorney Robert Garson says the unnamed heirs believed they were receiving everything they were entitled to, and only recently discovered payments were due from sources other than the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers.

The dispute centers around the songs "Little Caesar," "Breakout," "Carr Jam 1981" and "Carr Jam 1991," all written by Carr.

Gene Simmons has responded via Twitter, branding the lawsuit "shameful" and adding: "Sad to say mudslinging by heirs continues. None of it is true and dishonors the memory of Eric Carr."

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