Neil Young Delays Record Store Day Box Set

The Neil Young box set initially planned for release on Record Store Day will now come out in November. The release, titled Neil Young Official 2 Vinyl Box Set, will feature several of the Canadian rocker's best loved records, including Time Fades Away, On the Beach, Tonight's the Night and Zuma.

According to Warner Brothers, the delay has come due to other projects that Young has elected to focus on.

Young has been famously intransigent about release dates in the past, once rejecting 200,000 LPs due to inferior sound quality:

"That was because it was a mastering error," he told Rolling Stone. "The tape got damaged when it went through the airport or something. I had to go back and use a copy of the master--it was a copy, but it had better-sounding playback than the other one. I made a barn roof out of the [inferior LPs]. I used them as shingles."

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