Johnny Cash's New Album Out Among The Stars Streaming Online

Out Among the Stars, the posthumous album from Johnny Cash, is now streaming freely via SoundCloud. The cuts are taken from 80s era recording sessions, and include guest spots from Waylon Jennings and June Carter Cash.

All of the songs were recorded at Nashville's Columbia Studios in 1981 and 1111 Sound Studios in 1984.

The master tapes were discovered by John Carter Cash, Johnny's son, who says the recordings find the elder Cash at his finest:

"[W]e catch Dad here at a point in his life, when he was true, when he was aware, when his voice was perfect - when he was headed in a spiritual direction that was positive and meaningful for him . . . what a blessing to come face to face with that and remember that now and I feel like I'm with him again when I hear these recordings."

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