Angry John Lennon Letter To Phil Spector Sells For 53,000

The letter from John Lennon to Phil Spector accusing Harry Nilsson and Who drummer Keith Moon of urinating on a studio console has sold for 53,000 at auction.

"Phil - Should you not yet know it was Harry and Keith who pissed on the console," the letter begins.

"Jerry now wants to evict us or that's what Capitol tells us. Anyway tell him to bill Capitol for the damage if any. I can't be expected to mind adult rock stars nor can May [Pang, Lennon's personal assistant] besides she works for me not A+M. I'm about to p..s off to Record Plant [another recording facility] because of this crap."

Lennon wrote the letter at an unknown studio sometime between 1973-1975, during his 18 month split from wife Yoko Ono.

The letter was sold to a private collector by London house Cooper Owen.

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