Steely Dan Announce 2014 Summer Tour Dates

Steely Dan will be hitting the road this summer on the Jamalot Ever After tour, and while the band has only announced a pair of dates, they promise they will be announcing more soon.

The official shows are July 17 at Humphrey's in San Diego, and August 8 at the Seneca Events Center in Niagara Falls, NY. Tickets go on sale for the first night on April 5 and April 25 for the second.

As far as new music goes, the band hinted at the idea of recording a new album last summer, which would be their first since 2003's Everything Must Go.

"It's in the air, it really is," said SD co-founder Walter Becker. "It's just a smell now. The next thing is then you taste it, then you start to feel it. You know how this goes."

Jamalot Ever After 2014 Tour Dates:

7/17 - San Diego, CA 8/8 - Niagara Falls, NY

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